The Wisdom Group

Formed in 2007

About Us

The Wisdom Group, also popularly called the Elders Group was formed in 2007 when the Pastor saw a need to have a group of Elders separate from the Men and the Women groups. At the time, the only criteria for any church member to be part of the group was that he or she must be at least 50 years old. In early 2017, this minimum age was raised to 55 years in order to maintain a level of balance in terms of memberships among the other natural groups, i.e. the Men and Women. These groups could see their membership gradually being depleted as their members attain the age limit and move to the Wisdom Group.

As a Group, we adhere to the principles and values espoused in the Book of Titus 1:8-9 as written and charged by Apostle Paul which include, inter alia, to be hospitable, upright, trustworthy, self-controlled and encouragers of others. We are also the Pastor’s sounding board, so to speak, in certain situations.

The Group meets after the service on the second Sunday of every month to fellowship and deliberate on matters that concern us and sometimes the church. From time to time, we may be called upon by the Pastor to deliberate on specific issues that have arisen in the church and give feedback. We have activities throughout the year to enrich our members spiritually, mentally and socially, culminating in our annual anniversary late in the year. During this annual anniversary, we either donate items or do a project that the church has identified to us.

The officers of the Group consist of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Treasurer and Financial Secretary. The officers are elected for a year term and could be retained for another year if the group so choose. We also have a non-elective position of the Minister-In-Charge who is also a member of the group. The position is appointed by the Pastor to as to help coordinate and facilitate communication between the group and the church.   

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